Diagnostic and Laboratory Testing in Melbourne, FL

Spine, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation offers diagnostic and laboratory testing for the residents of Melbourne, Rockledge, Titusville, Palm Bay, and the surrounding communities in Florida.

What is Diagnostic and Laboratory Testing?

Have you or someone you know been misdiagnosed only to go through unnecessary and costly treatments? Diagnostic and lab testing is the first step for determining why you have chronic pain, but the treatment is only as effective as the diagnosis. At SOAR, our physicians are experts in diagnostic and lab testing, as well as the interpretation of the results.

How Does Diagnostic and Laboratory Testing Improve My Treatment?

Knowing what is happening inside your body is difficult when your physician has limited information. Diagnostic and lab testing gives us the insights we need to provide you with an accurate diagnosis.

What Are the Benefits of Diagnostic and Laboratory Testing?

  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Sound foundation for treatments
  • Covered by most insurances
  • Helps patients understand their conditions

What Diagnostic and Lab Testing is Needed for My Condition?

Based on our physical examination, range-of-motion testing and symptom review, we will recommend the most conservative diagnostic and lab testing requirements that are needed for your treatment. We may use a tiered approach where we recommend one type of test, review the resultsand then recommend follow-up tests.

What Should I Expect from Diagnostic and Laboratory Testing?

After a thorough evaluation, one of our pain management specialists will determine which of the following procedures is most appropriate to diagnose and treat your pain.

  • EMG/NCV (Electromyography and nerve conduction testing)
  • Laboratory (high complexity lab)
  • X-ray
  • DEXA (Bone Densitometry)
  • Discography
  • Prescription monitoring

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Diagnostic and Laboratory Testing?

Our diagnostic and lab testing is covered by most insurances. If you have out-of-pocket expenses and would like help, please speak with our patient coordinator to see if you qualify for our payment plans, discounted ratesand other options.

Effective Treatment Begins with an Accurate Diagnosis

Our expert team of physicians, medical providers, and staff offer diagnostic and laboratory testing for the residents of Melbourne, Rockledge, Titusville, Palm Bay, and the surrounding communities in Florida. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.